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Student feedback

What students say about the courses and Design teaching methods:


“…throughout the courses I have been introduced to learning methods where it has not just been about taking notes to what the teacher says. I’ve got the tools to visualize both my learning and most importantly, how I want to present my findings. It is a modern way to learn and teach, and something that I can use in all my presentations and no doubt something I will take with me for the rest of my education and further out into business afterwards”.


“…it is sometimes easier to take the exam when you have learned it in this way”.

Diana Anna:

“…all of us have a different nationality and different education background, which meant that where some of us had strengths, the others might have had weaknesses. For example, I was strong in creativity and designing the camp together with Iliyana, while Brian was better in organising and structuring. Bringing together these different perspectives but also appreciating rather than judging these differences resulted in a very dynamic group. I am happy that we could achieve compromises and that everybody supported each other”.


“Apart from learning to think more in a manner that leads to idea generation, I have also learned how to facilitate groups to generate ideas. Teamwork was another skill which i feel I have improved.”


“I love to think of new business ideas, reapplications and doing changes to current products and this will give me better tools on how to evaluate and develop these ideas further.” “I learned a lot on how to increase the effectiveness of the group with the group dynamics. “


“I have learnt more about myself and what I am good at and also what I should improve or avoid in the future. I discovered myself as a leader “against my will” meaning it was more a natural process and I wasn’t ready for this or let’s say I learnt more about it.” “I think it was one of the best parts of our camp, together to create a tool “The horse idea race” that would help achieve the goal of our workshop.”


“Creativity can be learned or seen as a process. Due to different tools everyone is able to create innovative creative ideas. “

“I could imagine that I will use some of the methods in my future work to create my own solutions for significant problems. “


“It was really fun generating our own methods for idea selection, the design process was very informative and inspiring. ” “I learned to take a step back and not necessarily take the lead. Listen more to other ideas and building on other ideas.”


“… create something it always feels good. Co-creating can be fun and a pain in the neck as well. ”


“Yes. Designing our investment game was good for both team building/ team spirit and understanding of the convergent phase. ” “Reminded me how much I enjoy the role of facilitator and organizer. “


“I learned to adjust to different situations and be flexible in not following the planned structure.”


“I was happy to learn that it is “normal” to feel that you once was creative, and then just got stuck – and it is possible to rediscover creative side by techniques. ”


“I’m too conservative, I need to think bigger.” Making most of every member’s skills makes the group happier and more productive.”


“That I actually can be more creative than I thought, but also that I like to decide a little bit. ”

Students feedback from the Idea Generation 2015/2016 are illustrated below: