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Reflexive attention


This method can be used to write down feedback as things are being presented; in order to be prepared to give the feedback at the end. In this way, the students are forced to listen to what the presenter(s) have to say, and continuously write down what they hear, in order to remember all they came to think of during the presentation. Thus, the method ensures that the presenters get some constructive feedback.


The students take notes on post-it notes concerning what they hear and what they come to think of whilst listening to what others present. The students must only write one thing on each post-it note. It is important that the students understand that they must not be too reflective on what they write down. They should write down their intuitive and reflexive thoughts as they occur without spending time on judging what they write except from three categories. In this way, the positive reflection goes on one colour post-it note, challenges on another colour post-it note and further ideas on a third colour post-it note. After the presentation, the post-it notes provide a basis for feedback or a joint discussion and evaluation of what is presented. Alternatively all the post-it notes are given to the presenter(s) to read later on.


It is also possible to use the method to comment on what you see. This can for instance relate to a prototype, a poster presentation or other visual material, in order to give feedback to someone who may not be there at the same time as the student. In this way, the colours are codes for what the students think of the material.


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