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Brain images


Brain Image is an idea evaluation tool that provides insights into whether the students have personal profiles (i.e. human capital) that support the implementation of their idea. For example: ‘Do they possess the necessary information and knowledge, experience and interests to support idea implementation, or will they need to team up with others in order to make the implementation more realistic?’


The teacher asks the students to make an image of their own brain by filling the ‘brain’ template with their personal data that seems central for the implementation of their idea (see illustration). The students can also draw other organs, muscles, hormones or pieces of the nervous system, symbolizing further vital personal resources or barriers, or connect their brain to other brains, representing other key players relevant in terms of idea implementation.


The method can also be used as an idea generation tool. In this case, the method is used as a platform to generate new ideas with reference to a specific problem. Thus, inspired by an illustration of their brains, the students combine different aspects of their brains to develop new ideas. For instance, the IT-nerd and the elite swimmer might team up and create a new app for tracking swimming practice.


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