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Idea-opportunity transformer


This evaluation tool creates a deep insight into whether ideas have potential for becoming actual opportunities. Through interaction with users and other stakeholders, the students get access to important information on how they can enrich their ideas to the point where they represent actual opportunities. Whilst an idea represents a thought, hunch, intuition or the like, an opportunity represents a situation in which a need for a product, service or business is present.


The students ask the users and other stakeholders connected to the problem for feedback on their ideas. For example, through questionnaire surveys, focus groups, usability tests or Cultural Probes etc. The students draw or write down all the feedback that they receive on a large poster and make this poster the basis for a brainstorm on how they can enrich their ideas so that they become actual opportunities. Based on this they make a selection of the ideas with the most potential.


The students make sketches or simple prototypes of their ideas in order to communicate them to stakeholders or users when asking for feedback (see Prototyping). Another way to ask for feedback is through the social media, which offers a quick and easy way to reach many users.


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